F O N T . S T Y L E S

We're super passionate about hand stamping and love to offer as many styles as possible to make your Jewellery special...

Each Font has it's own personality and look.

We're here to help you find the style that's unique to you or that special someone you're gifting to  💝 

Tiny Deco

Our Tiniest Font Style at 1.5mm and packed full of modern beauty.

A great font to maximise your character count


Classic and sophisticated. Typewriter is a small petite font style at 2mm.

Great for matching rings as this unisex style is timeless.


Cute and sweet, Kristen is a small and playful font.

Only 2mm tall, it's great for Jewellery gifted to Mum from the kids!


A popular choice, a clear printed font with a handwritten charm.

At 2.5mm Alex is a great choice for Personalised Rings


2mm tall and packed with Celestial Charm.

One of our newest styles, Stargazer is great for Uppercase words.


A Script style at only 2.5mm tall.

Heartbreaker has a sweet look, perfect for sentimental messages


Another 2.5mm font style, with a handwritten character.

Similar to Heartbreaker, great for special dates.


3mm tall and a little wider then our smaller fonts.

Fornax Script is a lovely italic style font, beautiful on cuffs.


As sweet as it sounds, Sweetheart is a lovely 3mm font.

Printed cuteness is the perfect match for our Sweetheart Necklace!


Bridgette has been around from the very beginning.

3mm tall and looks fab on our initial disc necklaces.


Another long standing Font Style - Newsprint is always a Classic.

3mm tall and a great unisex style.

American Type

3mm tall and a larger version of Typewriter.

American Type has a little more of a vintage character.


A bold twist on a classic. 3mm Tall.

Arcadia looks fab in Uppercase.


Simple and Modern, Deco is a popular choice.

3mm tall and has a lovely geometric feel.


Our 3mm name sake font style! Tall uppercase letters with delicate lowers.

Petite with a handwritten style, perfect for secret messages.


Traditional and bold, Celtic stands at 4mm tall.

A historical style with an Irish inspired look.

Jenna Sue

Petite and heartfelt, Jenna Sue is a firm favourite.

3mm Tall and works well with longer quotes.


Juniper is one of our fun and modern font styles at 3mm tall.

We love Juniper and it's happy feel!


Our quirkiest font, we love the retro feel that Jeanie has.

4mm Tall and full of fun.

Sans Serif

3mm tall, Sans Serif is a modern classic.

Another great unisex style.


Our largest script style, Sparrow is full of handwritten charm.

5mm tall, elegant and perfect meaningful messages.


Available in Uppercase only, Lollipop is tall and skinny.

4mm tall and full of whimsy, great on our personalised cuffs.


Brand new, Willow has a strong yet romantic feel.

4mm tall, slim and classic.


Available in uppercase only, we love this nautical inspired style.

4-5mm tall it's bold, vintage tattoo feel is fun and bold.

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