D E S I G N - S T A M P S

Design stamps are great to add to your message - or beautiful just on their own! We have a HUGE selection of symbols that will help to create a truly unique and characterful piece of jewellery, each design has pre-approved symbols that are perfect for each piece of jewellery and can be added in line with your text - see the design stamp photo on each listing.

Simply select the symbol you would like to add, find the symbols individual name underneath - e.g. Diamond - add brackets either side and place in your message… “You’re a Gem (diamond)”

We are forever adding to our design stamp offering and have over 300 in our collection right now! So if you have a specific symbol in mind, just get in touch, we’re always happy to source something just for you.

If you’ve seen a symbol on another design that you LOVE but it isn’t available on the piece of jewellery you would like, we may be able to advise on an alternative, or even adjust the piece itself so it fits the symbol perfectly.
Here's our entire collection of Design stamps - but please do not place your order with a special design stamp request without us having a chat about it first…

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