F O N T - S T Y L E S

We LOVE hand stamping - can you tell?
So we try to offer as many font styles as possible to make sure your made to order jewellery is as unique as you are!
There’s no engraving here, so each font size has been carefully chosen to best suit the character of each type - this means that not every style will
fit on every design.

Each design has a Maximum character count - please do not exceed this as we’ll need to contact you to change your message and this will delay your order. Character count includes Letters, Numbers, Design stamps AND spaces.

As each style is a different size, we may be able to fit a few more characters on your design for small fonts, or thinner letter styles, but please get in touch with us before you order - we’re always happy to chat about the best style for your design and your message!

And of course if you have something super bespoke and custom we may be able to source a brand new style just for you - please get in touch to discuss timeframes, availability and pricing.

tiny deco fonttypewriter fontkristen fontalex fontstargazer fontsweet peony fontcharlotte fontheartbraker fontsans serif fontjenna sue fontbridgette fontfornax fontsweetheart fontjeanie fontdeco fontnewsprint fontarcadia fontamerican type fonthomebird fontjuniper fontlollipop fontwillow fontsparrow fontsailor font